Who We Are


We believe mild is the real MVP. The Prince of Peppers. The unspoken GOAT. After being overlooked and undervalued for far too long, it’s time for mild to claim its title as the King of hot sauce. We’re on a mission to give mild the excitement, variety, and hype it deserves.

Not Too Hot Sauce is for all the mild lovers looking for an explosion of flavor that won’t burn the house down. Our mouthwatering sauces are painstakingly crafted for the perfect balance of AHHH and ahhh. We see you, mild lovers. It’s time to embrace the mild side.

Origin Story

Not Too Hot Sauce started in a home kitchen as a passion project by Melody Petulla to create a less spicy hot sauce for her mild-loving younger sister Angela (the OG mild child). As the good older sister she is, Melody spent months tinkering with the recipe to develop a tasty red sauce using seasonal peppers available at the time that has gone on to become our Gingerella hot sauce. 

Not Too Hot Sauce on Kickstarter

The Journey

After many months of planning, cooking, designing, taste testing, and finessing, Not Too Hot Sauce eventually launched on Kickstarter! Though we did not meet our initial goal, we still fulfilled orders to our backers via pre-orders on our website with deep discounts.

In March 2023, we completed our first production run of hot sauces, and you can now purchase sauce and other spicy foods on our website!

Melody and Angela holding hot sauces

The Founders

Melody and Angela Petulla are sisters, co-founders, and partners in crime. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship and backgrounds in business and marketing, Melody and Angela have known for years they wanted to start a business together. They debated ideas for years, so when they stumbled upon a concept capturing their shared love of food and flavor, they knew they had to pursue it. Melody currently resides in Miami, FL and Angela in Richmond, VA, opening the door to a unique blend of flavor profiles, regional influences, and local produce to fuel their business.