Not Too Hot Sauce FAQs

How spicy is Not Too Hot Sauce?

Our not too hot take? The perfect level of spiciness.

You know when you go outside in the middle of summer, prepared for the heat of a million suns to beat down on you, but you're instead met with a pleasant breeze and a warm 78 degrees? That's our hot sauce. You can enjoy a punchy, pleasant heat without fear of scorching your taste buds away.

For those who have never experienced a summer in the South, our hot sauces range from mild to medium heat, similar to Franks Red Hot, Texas Pete or Truff.

Where can I buy Not Too Hot Sauce?

Currently, Not Too Hot Sauce is available through our website and at select locations in Chattanooga, TN and Richmond, VA.

Are your hot sauces available internationally?

At the moment, Not Too Hot Sauce is is only available to ship to the US, but we plan to expand internationally once our US business is established. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico is available.

What specialty diets can you accommodate?

All of our hot sauces are gluten free, and all except for the Creamy Buff-alo are vegan. Additionally, all of our sauces are dairy free, soy free, nut free, palm oil free, and free of artificial colors.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Feel free to email us at, or use our contact form.